Compiling Ogre v1.8.1 under Windows 7 with Visual Studio

Today I am struggling with the compilation of Ogre under Windows 7 x86-64 with SP1 with Visual Studio 2010 SP1. The easiest way of generating the solution files is using CMake and these instructions. However, there are some complementary details that you can find in the following steps, which I have followed to build this amazing 3D graphic engine.

  1. Install Boost. Under Windows it is advisable to use precompiled binaries that can be found at BoostPro. I used version 1.51 and I installed the chrono, date-time, threads and system libraries.
  2. Install DirectX SDK in order to build the renderer for this API. This will allow the user to choose between OpenGL and DirectX.The newest version is June 2010.
  3. Download Ogre and Ogre Dependencies from the download page.
  4. Generate the solution file with CMake for the dependencies.
  5. Build and install the dependencies.
  6. Add the following environment variables: BOOST_ROOT, DXSDK_HOME, and OGRE_DEPENDENCIES_DIR with their values set to the respective installation directory. Note that there is a DXSDK_DIR variable, but I create my own variables for every library as XXXX_HOME. However, Boost and Ogre dependencies variable names are imposed, and their names can not be changed or the Ogre CMake files will not “configure” properly.
  7. Generate the solution file for Ogre with CMake, and build the solution with Visual Studio.

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