Installing OpenNI 1.5 under Windows

The OpenNI 1.5 library for developing software with Kinect can be installed under Windows 7 x86-64 SP1 following this instructions:

  1. Download and install the drivers. Choose the proper version, x86 or x86-64, according to your OS version.
  2. Install OpenNI: openni-win32-
  3. Install NITE: nite-win32-
  4. Install SensorKinect: SensorKinect091-Bin-Win32-v5.1.0.25.msi

Note that the software for steps 1 and 4 comes from a GitHub repository, and the software for steps 2 and 3 should come from the official OpenNI website. Besides, note that the driver must match your system type (x86 or x86-64), but the OpenNI software should match your development environment type, which may be different, like in my case (x86 aka win32).

Never install the official OpenNI SensorKinect package (about 900KB), because Kinect will not work. Use the mentioned GitHub package (about 4MB).

Check your installation with any of the OpenNI demos.

Important: the official page has released OpenNI v2.0 (in beta stage), which completely breaks the compatibility with OpenNI 1.5.


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